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"Anyone can drink a beer, but it takes intelligence to enjoy a beer"                       

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                 - Stephan Buemont.


Welcome to The Toti Brewing Website

beer quoteWe produce some of the finest quality craft beer! 

The Amanzimtoti Brewing Company is situated in Amanzimtoti Durban. 
We are made up of Beer Geeks: 

We hope you enjoy this adventure with us......


Our bottled beers are bottle conditioned. beer pouring
The process of making beer relies on yeast which feed on certain sugars. These sugars are broken down into ethanol and CO2. The CO2 is what makes the beer foam. So when our beers are bottled a small amount of natural glucose is added to each bottle before it's capped. 

A residual amount of yeast in the beer continues to break down this sugar, which results in a slight increase in the ABV of the beer, but also produces CO2 which carbonates the beer. Some bottle conditioned beers can have a considerable amount of yeast in the bottle. 

Before drinking your craft beer, it's best to let it settle standing upright in the fridge. Once the yeast has settled at the bottom of the bottle, you may want to watch them closely as you pour … if you don't like yeast in your poured beer. However, this is the highlight of some beers and is actually wanted. Just note that the inclusion of yeast will change the clearness as well as the taste of your poured beer. 

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